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What is eSENCO

The place where you will get everything about the SEN provision in international schools. 

You can either choose online courses or educational tools. 

If you choose online courses you will get expertise on referral, internal assessment or SEN support in international schools. You will learn through practical experience as we believe this is the best way to learn something new. 

If you decide to go for educational materials here you can buy dyslexia tools, sensory tools, pencil grips and many more to accommodate the learning of your SEN students. 

When you pay the fee, it will be available to you in a maximum of 5 working days at your online and physical address. 


Implement immediately successful models of identifying students with additional needs, understand clearly the co-occurrence between EAL and LS students, run a behavioral program that works, and much more.

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Educational toys

Get in 5 working days sensory accommodations and help your student focus longer, get started on writing tasks easier, and enjoy learning. Click here for our online shop or get in touch with us:


Set up a 45-minute or 1-hour individual consultation with our experts. Send us your questions via email to get the guidance that answers your dilemmas. Get in touch with us:

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  • To become an expert who confidently leads sen provisions in international schools.

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