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Referral System Secrets- The Ultimate Guide



If you’re an SEN teacher in an international school dealing with the challenges of student referrals and special needs identification, your search ends here. Allow me to assist you.

I’m Dr. Sladjana, the founder of eSENCO, a supportive community for SEN teachers in international schools. I’ve crafted accredited training programs to refine referral and support systems in international school settings. With 18 years of hands-on experience, I’ve worked closely with international schools, UNICEF, and various civil and private sectors in education, social care, and human rights. My expertise extends across three continents, and now, my educational services are accessible worldwide.

Are you prepared for success in SEN Provision?

Unlock over 30 practical strategies in our online program, “Efficient SEN Referral System for International Schools.” 

These strategies are available on any device, providing daily solutions for your SEN needs.

Our step-by-step procedure streamlines the identification of SEN concerns, putting an end to ‘corridor talk’ and eliminating exhaustion.

Transform criticism into appreciation and establish yourself as an authority within your school team.

With a research-based approach, you’ll gain the confidence to confront challenges and regain quality family time, free from sleepless nights.

Whether new to SEN provision or a seasoned professional, our program offers unique online insights.

Study at your pace, full or part-time, using any device. Acquire practical knowledge ready for immediate application in your workplace.

Prepare for valuable insights and knowledge you can immediately apply in your workplace. 

Seize control of your path to success Get the Program today.

In this course, you’ll learn:


The summarized internal process of identifying students with additional needs, including needs assessment, case history design, data collection, decision-making, shared team responsibilities, meeting planning, record-keeping, and action follow-ups.


Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to understand students’ needs. Learn the “system of elimination” to distinguish between EAL, Counseling, and SEN services. Discover which assessment tools to identify tendencies to reading, writing, and spelling difficulties and understand the Continuum of Support, Iceberg, and concurrence in SEN.

What’s waiting for you:

  • 60 minutes online training 
  • Technical support via email

Let’s embark on your journey to SEN success together.

What’s waiting for you:

  • 60 minutes online training 
  • Technical support via email
  • Blank documents for the referral process
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